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Bäckerstraße 46

According to legend, a merchant by the name of Grimsehl once lived here. One night, wanting to stoke up the dying fire in the hearth, his maid Mieke made several trips to the neighbouring smithy to fetch shovelfuls of embers from the men there, but she was still unable to light the fire. The following morning, when she inspected the fire along with her master, they could see gold gleaming in the ashes and now the merchant realises what has happened: his maid had stumbled upon the dwarfs who, on particular nights, came there to plot in the witching hour.

In 1710 the old house made way for a new building. Between the beams of the timber-framed building, you can spot the maid and the gold amongst the ashes of the hearth as well as the builder Hanß Heinrich Grimsehl.