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Haspelmathturm/ Pulverturm Bungelosenstraße Rattenfängerhaus Das Leisthaus Haspelmathturm/ Pulverturm Pferdemarkt Wilhelm-Busch-Haus Bürgerhus Bäckerstraße 46 Der Rattenkrug Der Redenhof Münster St. Bonifazius Hamelner Loch

Haspelmathturm/Pulverturm (the Haspelmath and Pulver Towers)

1664 sees the start of Hamelin’s expansion to become the most powerful stronghold in the Principality of Hanover. Due to its seemingly insurmountable walls, the town was known far beyond its own boundaries as the “Gibraltar of the North”. At Napoleon’s command, the walls were razed to the ground in 1808. Out of the 22 towers that once existed, today only the Haspelmathturm and the Pulverturm remain. Since 1991 the Haspelmathturm has been the base for a group of artists and the Pulverturm accommodates a glassworks with glass making demonstrations and an exhibition gallery.