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Wilhelm Busch Haus Bungelosenstraße Rattenfängerhaus Das Leisthaus Haspelmathturm/ Pulverturm Pferdemarkt Wilhelm-Busch-Haus Bürgerhus Bäckerstraße 46 Der Rattenkrug Der Redenhof Münster St. Bonifazius Hamelner Loch

Wilhelm Busch Haus

Wilhelm Busch (1832-1908), who spent most of his life in Lower Saxony, wrote about his time in Hamelin in his journals: “Every morning at six I took a bath in the wave pool at the mill. At ten o’clock in the morning, and occasionally in the evening as well, I would go to the brewery. The rest of the day was spent drawing the old houses.”

The house at number 11 Fischpfortenstraße belonged to Friedrich Schäfer a distant relative of Busch’s with whom he stayed while recovering from an illness, taking jaunts in and around the surrounding area that then inspired him to draw more drawings. Busch’s grandmother came from Hamelin originally.