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Fri 13 Mar 2009

Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull - The legend goes on and on - Jubilee concert in Hamelin

When on June 26th in the year 1284 the Pied Piper lead the kids out of the town boundaries he did not anticipate to be the centre of attraction 725 years later, even twice! While in the morning a charity run with more than 725 children will pay tribute to this occurrence – the Pied Piper of rock music – Ian Anderson – also a legend already – In the evening, together with the rock band Jethro Tull will be enticing crowds into the Rattenfänger-Halle. After 1998,1999, 2001 and 2004 the Hamelin Marketing and Tourism GmbH has managed to engage Ian Anderson for his fifth show in Hamelin on Friday 26th of June 2009 at 20.00 hours.

Did Ian Anderson act as member of the jury choosing the new town-logo in 1998 – he enthused the audience during his concerts in the Rattenfänger-Halle in the following years. 2001 he even started his tour of Europe playing in Hamelins´ fully booked Rattenfänger-Halle.

His trademark: A highly individual rock musician, simultaneously playing his flute and balancing on one leg. The fact that he is called the “Pied Piper of rock music” around then world because of his appearance has never really bothered him. He has collected many fans and awards with his band Jethro Tull and uncounted Vinyls and CD´s during more than 40 years. His songs „Locomotive Breath“, „aqualung“, „Thick as a Brick“ and many more are known all over the world.


During the mid seventies Jethro Tull has been one of the most successful Live-Acts worldwide, rivalling Led Zeppelin, Elton John and even the Rolling Stones.

Extremely surprising for a band whose sophisticated stylistic extravagance was far from the current rock and pop –standard of their time. After forty years on the ground, on top and in between TULL is still performing in their typical way during. more than one hundred concerts a year. Ian Anderson and Martin Barre are the centre of a band with sometimes changing but always highly talented if not excellent musicians. At present: Doane Perry, veteran drummer with 24 years of TULL experience, together with John O`Hara playing the piano and accordion and also David Goodier playing bass. Right at the front they electrify the audience and keep the legacy of TULL´s music alive, with all its variations and intensive expressions.


As supporting artist the incredibly gifted piano player and singer Saori Jo will take the stage. She started her musical career at the tender age of six years on the piano, and was already composing her own songs, just eleven years old.

Her music combines elements from rock, pop and folk, chanson and classics, performed in English.



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