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Wed 14 Jan 2009

The Piper at the Dentist’s - Marketing in exceptional places

A visit to the dentist’s can be a mysterious thing. Even more so now as you may see the Piper in the waiting room there in mystical dress. He’s on the dustcover of the magazines and presents the Pied Piper Anniversary in Hameln. This is just a part of an extensive marketing campaign this year.

In the following months Hameln Marketing and Tourismus GmbH goes on the offensive. Whether you visit the dentist or hairdresser, take the subway or a train, the Piper is already there. Advertising can be found on the schedules in the high-speed trains between Hamburg-Zurich and Cologne-Berlin. Large TV screens in the major train stations run animated spots about the anniversary website.


Advertising between trains


“We are utilising the time between to trains that would normally be boring and lost,” states Barbara Heinbockel, project manager for the Boy Agency, responsible for these extraordinary measures. “The people have some time and are more attuned and thankful for entertainment and information” she noted that it is important to get attention at the onset of the jubilee year. Heinbockel’s experience: “Once the interest is awakened, the events, projects and jubilee website will draw the people to Hameln.”


“These special advertisements will be placed at times when we are able to reach a large number of people,” explained HMT CEO Harald Wanger, such as pictures on the stairs to train platforms at the time of the CeBit.


Those who are not travelling get the message delivered by post. Not a simple letter, but as the cancellation stamp on every letter going through the Pattensen center for the German Post. “That’s about 41 thousand letters a day that get stamped with the Hameln message and are sent throughout the world.” said CEO Wanger.


Happy End? Go someplace else.


Typical advertising is also included in the jubilee mixture. “We dare not forget the creative billboards that our agency created,” added Harald Wanger. The teaser “Happy End? Go someplace else” appears in 14 cities on large-scale advertising spaces in Northern and Western Germany to charm the visitor to Hameln. The Lower Saxony State Festival ads are also in anniversary style, albeit with other motifs, prising the event in Hameln this year.


Wanger plans to reach out to international guests via the internet. HMT has placed an ad bar on the website of the German Tourist Office, a so-called Skyscraper. Guests can click the ad or find out about events. “The skyscrapers are well taken by internet users and have a large click rate,” claims Barbara Heinbockel, “this will pull a large number of customers to the anniversary website and alert them to the events in Hameln.”


Original communications mixture vs. glossy advertising


HMT will utilize 185 thousand Euros for the ad campaign, 65,000 coming from the tourism budget. “We have a balanced campaign mix of communication and our Jubilee message reaches a great number of potential visitors,” explained Harald Wanger. “Diverse small and original methods compensate for a full-page ad in a glossy magazine that would cost thousands of Euros for a one-shot printing.”


City Marketing will advertise their four events parallel to the anniversary campaign. In addition to ads on columns, City-Manager Stefan Schlichte plans to have radio spots. “We are planning our marketing to reach outside of the region in this year,” he explained, a tactic to pull more guests into the events. “Our advertising complements the campaign, so that Hameln is constantly in the eye of the customer.”


HMT and the Boy Agency hope that the campaign precipitates more immediate visitors in 2009, aside from the long-range effects. “Now we muss see that our promises are kept – the high-quality events and the extraordinary anniversary specials offer a great framework,” adds Harald Wanger.



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