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„The Pied Piper “ - by Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe

I'm probably the most famous singers,
Vielgereis'te the Pied Piper,
These altberühmte City
Certainly particular needs;

And if it's still a lot of rats,
Wiesel and would be included in the games:
Of all säubr 'I like this place
You must continue together.

Then the cheerful singer
Sometimes even a children's trawler
The even the wildest conquer,
If he Fairyland Goldner sings.
And yet it would be trutzig boys,
And girls were still so stutzig:
In my strings straddling 'I,
They must all hinterdrein.

Then the singer vielgewandte
Occasionally a girl catcher;
In no town to term it,
Where he's not pleased with some.
And girls were still so stupid
And women were still so brittle
But all will be liebebang
When magic strings and vocals.

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