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Interhelp - Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Hilfe
Fri 26 Jun 2009 9:00 am, Meet at Lüttje Markt near Hamelin market church, Interhelp - Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Hilfe

The pied piper does it again - to the mountain with 725

On the 26thof June 2009 exactly 725 years after the original departure of
the Hamelin children, the Pied Piper will re-create the event for charity.

The Interhelp e.V. relief organization along with the Hameln Marketing und Tourismus GmbH are giving the Piper a second chance to make good and to help needy Children. Who knows if this second walk will go down in history like the first?


725 youths between the ages of 8 and 18 are needed to take part the more, the merrier! The organization and check-in is 9am at the Luettje Markt adjacent to the Market Church in Hamelin where the citizens of yore were gathered as the Piper absconded with 130 Children so many years ago. This record must be broken!


Following the registration, the Pied Piper will lead the participants around the old town past all of the sites referenced in the tale. Silently then through the street without music, and finally out the old East Gate in the direction of Coppenbruegge where the mountain is said to have swallowed the children forever.


All participants have a card on lanyards that will be stamped kilometre for kilometre at checkpoints along the way. This card is part of the summer vacation offers of the city of Hamelin, but is available for download along with further information at


The children have already visited neighbours, family and friends to get their sponsoring pledges for each kilometre. Thusly, each sponsor is a "Mayor" and will keep his word this time to pay the Piper, quite unlike the politician of the tale. For this reason, the children are safe, and their return has been guaranteed by a number of clubs and transport companies, the police and city administration. No one will get lost this time around!


There are a number of rest stops on the way, as the drove passes through villages on the way to the mountain. Arriving there, the city of Coppenbruegge plans to light a great bonfire in celebration, so that the citizens of Hamelin can see the smoke and rest assured that their youth is safe this time.


The participating youth will gather in the sponsored funds on the following weekend, based upon their distance walked and the values pledged by the "Mayors". As they turn the proceeds in, they receive a personal certificate that they walked with the Pied Piper and survived.


Ian Anderson , the Pied Piper of the rock music of Jethro Tull, supports the event. A pied-piper-anniversary-concert in the evening is additional.


More information about Interhelp e.V. at

tells of the celebratory events in Hamelin this year.


Point of Contact: Reinhold Klostermann at or +49 5151 13044


Download the route and the stamp-card:

The stamp-card (in german)

Stempelkarte_725Jahre_Rattenfaenger_26. Juni 09.pdf 22,97 kB

The route (in german):

Streckenplan Stand_April 2009.pdf 239,53 kB

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